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Health Care

Health Care

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Green Tea

NGN2,950.00 Price

1. Helps indigestion problems and relieves constipation.  

2. Green tea inhibits the growth of cancer cells. 

3. It stimulates appetite. 

4. It lowers total cholesterol levels, as well as increasing the ratio of good (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol to bad (lower density lipoprotein) cholesterol.  

Cordycep Militaris

NGN34,350.00 Price

1. It is very active in the treatment of cancer and breast lump. 

2. It makes lungs, liver and kidney healthier. 

3. It is effective in improving sperm production and improving sexuality. 

4. It retards the effects of aging. 

Arthro SupReviver

NGN9,000.00 Price

1. It is effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis and osteoporosis (weak bones). 

2. It relieves joint pain and swelling. 

3. It prevents the degeneration of joint cartilage and also helps alleviate existing joint pain, slows down the breaking down of bone cartilages. 

Longrich Calcium

NGN4,900.00 Price

1. It helps the blood to maintain healthy blood alkaline PH level. 
2. It aids in formation of hemoglobin. 
3. It increases brain development.
4. It is effective against insomnia and anemia. 
5. It assists in development of sex organs. 
6. It protects against various forms of cancer and prostates disorders (Highly recommended for men over 35 years of age). 
7. It reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Berry Oil

NGN13,100.00 Price

1. It protects the liver from chemical damage.
2. Protects against several eye diseases.
3. Boosts the body immune system.
4. Ensures healthy functioning of the body systems.
5. Increases energy supplied to the body system by safe and natural methods.
6. Tackle inflammations effectively.

Menqgian Female Fertility...

NGN9,800.00 Price

1. It is used for treatment of women fertility problems. 

2. It is used for patients with hormonal imbalance with it content of gelatin. 

3. It is good for joint and also helps in joint recovery. 

4. It helps tightening loose skin (like the kind you get after having four babies in five years). 

Libao Male Fertility...

NGN10,000.00 Price

1. It improves sperm count and help to prevent aging sperm 

2. It increases sexual performance 

3. It is ideal for men with low sperm count and also quickly tired body 

4. It eliminates fatigue, improve sleep and the state of the circulatory system 

Pink Tea (Slimming Tea)

NGN2,950.00 Price

1. It is excellent for weight management.  

2. It is good for diabetic patients. 

3. It regulates blood pressure. 

4. It relaxes the nerve cells and thereby suppresses depression. 

Longrich Mosquito Repellent...

NGN2,000.00 Price

1. Elegant aroma with a clean and clear feeling;

2. Effective ingredients: 8 hours of effectiveness and positive virtue;

3. Compound floral and fruity fragrant style with a top fresh citrus aroma, an elegant body fragrance and a warm musk bottom fragrance.

Longrich Classy Style...

NGN23,000.00 Price

1. It clears acidic waste from the body and improves the body’s acidic environment. 

2. Strong penetration and good Solubility, easily absorbed, improves body micro-circulation and promotes metabolism. 

3. It helps to enhance immunity and delay aging process. 

4. It supplies more active hydrogen for the body and eliminate excess free radicals.