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Personal Care

Personal Care

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Longrich Toothpaste

NGN1,800.00 Price

1. The white essence and xylitol reinforce the root of the teeth and prevent tooth decay.
2. The TSC antiseptic and soft silicon abrasive is deep cleansing and gives fresh breath.
3. It strengthens the gum and gives the teeth ability to take any type of food and drinks, cold or hot, sweet or acidic.
4. It has ability to stop gum bleeding.

Longrich Mosquito Repellent...

NGN2,000.00 Price

1. Elegant aroma with a clean and clear feeling;

2. Effective ingredients: 8 hours of effectiveness and positive virtue;

3. Compound floral and fruity fragrant style with a top fresh citrus aroma, an elegant body fragrance and a warm musk bottom fragrance.

SOD Sheep Placenta Cream

NGN2,000.00 Price

1. The SOD content is capable of reducing post burn wound size and skin swelling (edema formation) 

2. The lanoline content locks existing moisture into the skin and also absorbs additional moisture from the air around it, thus preventing skin from becoming dry. 

3. It penetrates skin and is capable of repairing damaged skin. 

4. The glycerine content as a moisturizer treats and prevent dry, rough scaly,itchy and skin irritations. 

5. It protects the skin against germs. 

Antiperspirant Dew (Roll On)

NGN1,600.00 Price


1. It is very effective in preventing itching in the armpit. 

2. It makes armpit perspiration odourless. 

3. It has nice fragrance which keeps you fresh and dry all day long. 

4. It is aluminium-free.